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Cooper Perry's vision

Our children become confident mathematicians whose solid skills base allows them to apply and investigate maths in: contextual situations, reasoning questions and explanations of misconceptions.
How we teach mathematicians:

With high expectations  for all; our children are taught mathematical fluency and skills through practical and contextual application.  Children are encouraged to show off their  understanding and develop security in: 


  • fluency (rapid and accurate recall and application of facts and concepts)
  • a growing confidence to reason mathematically
  • the ability to apply maths to solve problems, to conjecture and to test hypotheses.
Maths is fun and we learn to develop mathematical resilience  - we don't give up but keep going until we find a way in which we understand what we are learning about.  The basis of our teaching allows maths to be applied in reasoning and problem solving allowing our children to have a long term, deep and adaptable understanding.