Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!  



Don't forget to keep in touch: 

Suggested home learning timetable:



- Start the day with the Body Coach's live PE lesson. You can find this on Youtube.

- Complete some maths activities and play a board game involving counting or addition - how about snakes and ladders, or monopoly?

- Do some English activities - reading, writing or a bit of both. Use the suggested tasks, read a book or magazine, write a script - rehearse, make costumes, a set and put on a play; don't forget to video it and send me a copy!!



Do something practical - a topic task or some science work. Bake a cake; do some gardening; learn a dance; play music; make a fort.


Remember to take photos and send messages to me about what you are getting up to!



Accelerated Reading - Please keep up your reading and enter magical worlds as often as you can.


To check your home reading book has a quiz: 


To complete a quiz on your book:  Then sign in as normal using your Accelerated Reader user name and password. 

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For more information about the Year 2 Curriculum, including how your child's skills progress, click below.