This week writing tasks are all based on a short film called 'Catch It'.

After watching the following clip - download the document which includes a number of Tasks.
There is one task for each day however there are more tasks in the document that you are more than welcome to complete as additional work!

Task 1 - Page 3 
Follow the instructions and answer the questions in detail about the film 'Catch It'.


Task 2 - Page 4

Research which collective nouns are used for each animal.


Task 3 - Page 6 
Imagine the animals could talk. What would they say to each other during the clip? 


Task 4 - Page 11

Think of a time when you have worked as a team to achieve something. Use the prompts given to write about this time.


Task 5 - Page 12
Write the story from one of the meerkats perspectives. Remember to use the Year 3 Writing objectives.