Topic - including Writing and Reading

Year 5 and 6 Topic


Our new Year 5 and 6 topic is the Industrial Revolution and although our learning will not be as active as we had hoped it would be in school, we have tried to make it as exciting as possible. You will be pleased to hear that the dynamic duo (Miss Fletcher and Miss Harrison) have been video calling this week to plan a sequence of challenges. We hope you enjoy them!

Task 2 - Topic and Reading - Select Your Challenge - Hot Pages 1-5, Fiery Pages 6 - 12, Extreme Pages 13-18

The Industrial Revolution (18-19th Century)


What was Life like in Britain Before the Industrial Revolution?

What was Life like for adults during the Industrial Revolution?

What was Life like for Children during the Industrial Revolution?

How was Transport Affected by the Industrial Revolution?

What impact did the Revolution have on Britain?