Reading and Accelerated Reader

Miss Harrison Recommends

Following on from There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom (Louis Sachar), I have been reading Boy Underwater (Adam Baron). It is definitely for the mature readers in the class as it covers a few sensitive topics. Reading and interest age: 10+


The summary from the BookTrust is perfect to see if it interests you: 

Cymbeline is an unusually named 9 year old, who has never been swimming. He’s extremely good at other sports, however, so he’s sure it can’t be difficult. When his school announces that his year will be starting swimming lessons, he boasts to the class bully that he is an epic swimmer. His overconfidence is rewarded with an accident – and an embarrassing one at that. However, worse than this, his mother appears to experience some form of breakdown as a result. What is wrong with her? Why has she never taken Cym swimming? And how is this all linked?

The book gradually reveals the answers, as Cym uncovers some dark secrets hidden in his family’s past, which involve the father he’s always known to have died. The book highlights the immense flaws of grown-ups, for example when they try to conceal important truths from young people. It also underlines the potential potency of post-traumatic stress disorder. All this is wrapped up in a surprisingly light-hearted and readable package, with a humorous young narrator.


If it does take your fancy, send me an email with the address that you would like it posted to, and I will post my copy to you! Obviously, this will be to whoever emails first. I was hoping that we could perhaps send them onto one another when they are finished with.


Accelerated Reader 

Year 6, we have not allowed you to access Accelerated Reader at home before for two reasons. Firstly, we did not have the access from Accelerated reader and secondly we wanted to ensure that you were completing your comprehension quizzes independently. As you know, our circumstances have now changed. It is so important that you continue to read at home and continue to develop 'a love for reading'. You can access AR using the help document below or via this link - As well as this, you can use the book finder website to help you find books that are linked to the system - If you have lost your login details, please email me and I can send them across to you!