Isolation activities

Watch the story of 'Elmer' in the story time tab. Can you create your own elephant pattern for the Elmer parade?

Wassily Kandinsky was a famous Russian artist who used colours and shapes in his artwork. Can you paint a picture or make a piece of art using colours and shapes? Bring it into school next week for us to add to our artists wall!

You can also make a piece of art using these shapes!

It is getting to that time of year when hedgehogs are beginning to hibernate! Can you make a picture of a hedgehog using leaves from your garden? If you do not have a printer, you could ask a grown up to draw the outline for you.

If you still have some leaves left from when you collected them for your hedgehog, see if you can make another animal too! You could make the bird below!

Use what you have learnt about patterns in maths so far this week to design a pair of socks! If you have any material lying around you could make some!