Home learning we are proud of!

Tilda and Margot made up their very own maths game! One wall was '7' and one wall was '8'! They then had to run to the correct answer when their mummy called out number pairs!

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Fynn and Geraldine’s Happy Friday Dance!

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Harys has been busy! He had been drawing the 'A Team' van with Mr T driving, making his very own surf board, and built this super castle which he is also going to paint! Well done Harys!

Eve's World Kitchen!

Inspired by My World Kitchen from CBeebies, Eve has presented her own version of the programme. She chose to make a quiche, to share with her little brother!

Poppy built an igloo outside! She also built a den inside and had a sleepover in the den with Lily! She also wanted to share her 'u' object from our zoom treasure hunt! Well done Poppy!

Scarlett's dog, Misty, has had beautiful puppies!

Harys has been busy! I love his rock star penguin! Well done Harys!

Grace's smoothies!

Grace has been busy making delicious, healthy smoothies! Maybe you could have a go at making some at home! 

There is a template for designing smoothies here!

Fynn's movie!

Fynn has been busy making a stop animation film using his wintry scene he created and the little hedgehog he made! Super Fynn, well done!

Eve's Rube Goldberg Machine

As part of our home learning, we have created a Rube Goldberg machine. This is a machine that does something very simple in a complicated way. Mrs Allman cha...

Teddy has been working so hard at home! The number monkey is great!