Children in Need

  Look at our Pudsey Bear t-shirt     entries!

If it’s not too windy in your back garden tomorrow, see if you can make a Pudsey natural picture a bit like this one! Or make a Pudsey collage inside!

As well as dough disco, there are some fun fine motor activities here for you to try! What is even better is they are all about Pudsey!

Watch the powerpoint all about Children in Need!

Play this 'Pudsey Says' game! You don't need to print anything out. Ask a grown up to read out the actions!

Colour this Pudsey picture by colouring by numbers 1-4!

If you do not have a printer, ask a grown up to use the template to draw the ears on paper for you to cut out. Then find a head band in the house to attach the ears to, or make your own head band using a pair of old tights!