Children's Mental Health Week (1st-7th February)

The Colour Monster - read by Mrs Batten

Sometimes the children find it hard to talk about the emotions they are feeling. This book is a lovely way for them to use colour to express how they are feeling.

This week it is Children's Mental Health Week.  There are some many ideas on Place2Be's site.  There is also a free course for parents if you would like to join? The link is below!  This year’s theme is exploring ways in which people express themselves, and Place2Be are promoting a ‘Dress to Express’ day. This Friday, we would like you (at home and at school) to dress in the clothes that you feel best express who you are as a person. Please send me a picture of your child (and you if you would like to take part!) in their outfits and why, so I can share the photos on our wellbeing page. Thank you!

Watch the link below to see the Duchess of Cambridge talk about Children's Mental Health Week!

Here are some ideas for you to use with your children at home!

Draw Your Feelings - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

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The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

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