This week your task is to be as creative as possible.  


If you go to this website called Pobble 365, it has a series of images on https://www.pobble365.com/new-york-is-falling/ Scroll through the images and decide on your favourite and this will form the starting point of your writing.  Remember the title of the picture and record this on your book or if you are working on a computer save the image and add it into your work so I know what you are writing about.  


I need you to be creative - The picture may trigger a story idea or an idea for non-fiction writing.  


For example this image triggered for me:

A non-chronological report about New York City, where the picture was taken.

An explanation text about earthquakes, as I think this is what happened before the picture. 

A chapter in a story about what happened to get to this point. 

The next chapter, what happens after this point.  

A play script about the next scene.

A descriptive piece of writing using senses to describe the scene. 


So from those options I decided to describe the scene and pick three skills from my Year 4 checklist (fronted adverbials, commas in a list and inverted commas) to use in my writing.  You need to decide what text type to write and what skills to include.  


Have fun, be creative.  


What might my week look like? 

Monday - Create my ideas and decide on my favourite and the 3 skills I will use. 

Tuesday - Plan my paragraphs in boxes.

Wednesday - Write one or two paragraphs.

Thursday - Edit yesterday's writing and then continue to write.

Friday - Finish off and polish.