Easter Activities

Try some of these egg-citing Easter challenges with the children in your class:

  1. Design a vehicle that can transport a hard boiled egg safely from one point to another.
  2. Design a device that will protect a hard boiled egg when it is dropped from a height.
  3. Design some packaging for a new Easter egg.
  4. Create an advert to promote a new Easter egg. This could be for a poster / billboard, a digital display advert or an advert for radio / television / cinema.
  5. Write the Easter bunny's diary entry about his / her disastrous day delivering the eggs.
  6. Write a recipe for a delicious Easter treat... or try following a recipe to make your own!
  7. Design an Easter basket that can carry your Easter treats!
  8. Make a comic strip or an animation with an Easter theme.
  9. Try the Easter 'Finish the Picture activity.  Who is the Easter bunny delivering eggs to?
  10. Make an Easter hat to wear during your Easter celebrations.
  11. Build an Easter egg / bunny using Lego or other construction toys.
  12. Design an Easter card to send to a friend.
  13. Write your own Easter shape poem. Use the template below to help.
  14. Find out how Easter is celebrated in different parts of the world. Could you create a news report or an ebook to teach others what you discover?
  15. Use programming software to design a game with an Easter theme.
  16. Create a maze to deliver an Easter egg safely.  Could you record the commands that you used to complete this challenge?
  17. Design some symmetrical Easter egg images (see below)
  18. Plan an Easter egg hunt that others can try. Can you set up some clues and hide them in safe places around your classroom / school?
  19. Design a card / board game with an Easter theme.
  20. Create an egg launcher that will fire a small toy egg as far as possible (ensuring that there is nobody in the way first!).