Summer Term

Week Beginning 13.7.2020


This week I would like you to create a booklet/poster all about you for your new teacher Mrs Batten.  Some things you may want to include are:


  • your name
  • what you like doing
  • what you don't like doing
  • favourite food
  • least favourite food
  • who you live with
  • any pets 


I have downloaded a booklet below for you to use if you prefer.  Please drop the booklet off at school or bring it with you in September.  



Week Beginning 6.7.2020


This week we are focusing on Maths.  The links below take you to some maths games that include counting and recognising numbers and addition and subtraction.  



Week Beginning 29.06.2020


This week we are going to focus on phonics, reading and writing.  Below is a booklet you can use as a guide. The children will all be working at different levels so please be guided by them.  The writing tasks are more suited to reception children so only attempt them if your child is ready.  


Please let me know how you get on and again only print off what is needed.  Some of the activities can be complete by working from the screen.


Thank you and stay safe Nursery





Over the next four weeks I am going to download a pack each week for you to work through.  This will help your child reinforce their core skills to get them ready for Reception.  This week I would like you to focus on fine motor skills.  Please work through the pack below.  Some activities they may fine hard, some they may find easy.  Just be guided by your child and let them work at their own level.  


I understand there is a lot of printing involved so if you'd rather make your own similar resources then please do so.


I have also included a guide as to the skills they will need to work towards on entering Reception.  This is just a guide so please don't worry if your child cannot do these things yet.

Week Beginning 15.6.2020


Please click on the links below for this weeks phonics and maths activities.  



Phonics 15.6.2020

Maths 15.6.2020

Whole School Project 3

Week beginning 8.6.2020


Please take a look at the planning for this weeks.  Any links can be found below.



Project Solar System

Set 1 Initial Sounds

Set 2 Initial Sounds

Week Beginning 1.6.2020


I hope you all had a lovely week in the sunshine.  As you are aware some children have returned to school this week and therefore I will upload the planning I have done for the children who are in school this week.  There is also a whole school project for you to complete if you wish to do so.  Please see the links below.  Do contact me if you have any questions.  

1.6.2020 Planning

Whole School Project

A massive thank you to Mrs Grateley (and Mr Grateley) for the much needed artwork she has produced for the Nursery playground. It looks wonderful. 

Thank You Mrs Grateley

Well done!

Week Five


This week we are having a focus on Maths and English. 

Maths:  addition and subtraction


I don’t like using worksheets in nursery but for ease I have added some addition and subtraction worksheets to get you started (see below). If you would rather use objects that would be best as the children can touch and move them. 

If your child is ready, encourage them to write the numbers down.


Can they write the whole sum?


Use lots of language with your child such as: add, all together, total, equals, take away, subtract.  



English:  this week it would be useful if the children could practice their letter formation.  The other two

activities are reading and writing cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words such as ‘cat, dog, pin, peg etc. Please use the sheets below as a guide. 


Letter Formation

Reading cvc words

Can you label any of the pictures? If it is too hard just focus on writing the first sound. 

Writing cvc words

Week Four


This week I’d like the children to focus on creating a jungle in a shoe box.  Use any resources you can get your hands on from the garden or make some play dough animals.  I’ve put some ideas below.  Be as creative as you like.  When you’ve finished send me a photo and I will pop them on the website.  


In order to develop your child’s writing skills they could write labels (with help) to go on their jungle. 

Jungle shoe box ideas

Some great work.....

Week Three


Rumble in the Jungle


EAD:  please choose your favourite jungle animals and paint a picture of them. 
Can you make a junk model of your favourite animal too.  Send me your photos.  

UW:  use your computer or iPad to help you find some interesting facts about your favourite jungle animal.  

PD:  This week I’d like you to focus on your pencil control.  Please follow the link below.  


Pencil Control

Maths:  if you have any animals line them up and encourage your child to count them accurately.  Can they write the number of animals?  Start with numbers up to 5 then increase to 10 if they are confident.


If you prefer I have put a link below to a maths activity.  

Literacy:  continue to practice writing your name.  

Ask your child what each animal in the story begins with e.g. what does elephant begin with?  What does monkey begin with?  Encourage them to write the initial sound down.

There is an additional activity below if you’d prefer.  


Initial sounds

Thank you for your kind messages......

What a gorgeous photo

Well done for learning a new skill Max

Rumble in the Jungle

Fynn hard at work


Week Two

Read/listen to the story again (Rumble in the Jungle)


Please find the learning activities for this week below.  

EAD:  learn the songs 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and elephants have wrinkles.  Click on the link below for these songs.

If you have any instruments at home, try making music to go along with the songs.  You can always make your own instruments using kitchen utensils! Use loud, banging sounds for the elephant song.
PD:  this week we are focusing on cutting skills.  Please follow the link below and encourage your child to hold the scissors correctly.  
UW:  if you have access to a computer or iPad, please help the children to access a paint/drawing program and see if they can create a picture of their favourite animal from the story. 

Maths: this week we are looking at repeating patterns.  If you need some ideas please follow this link.



Literacy:  find some other books replied to jungle animals and share them together.  Some examples are The tiger who came to tea, Monkey Puzzle.  Read the stories together.  Which one do they like the best? Why?  

Please continue to practice your phonics and name writing.  The game below is suitable for the children who are secure with their letter sounds.  Please don’t worry if your child has only just started nursery as I would not necessarily expect them to know this!  

Please send me lots of photos of your child’s learning and with your permission I will put them on the web page.  

Have fun. 

Jude in the jungle


Fantastic name writing.

Have you found any jungle animals Freddie?

Well done with your learning Ben.

Fynn is comparing length.

Great start Delyth

Our topic this term is Rumble in the Jungle based on the story by Giles Andreae.  Please follow the link below for a copy of this book read aloud on you tube (pleases supervise your child).  There are other versions available if you prefer to find your own. 

Week One Learning Activities:




Read/listen to the story Rumble in the Jungle. 
Identify and make a list of rhyming words. 



Make different length snakes out of paper/card and decorate them. Discuss which is the longest/shortest snake.  Put them in orders from smallest to longest. 

Physical Development:


Move like the different animals in the story. How might a monkey move?  How might an elephant move etc... The Carnival of the Animals music is a great piece of music for the children to move to. Here is a link to the music.

EAD (expressive arts and design):


Chose an animal (or two) and make an animal mask. There is a link below if you need help but I’m sure you can create your own!

If you are feeling particularly enthusiastic then you

can make green jelly and add any jungle animals you have and any leaves, twigs etc to make your own messy jungle.  This is an opportunity to encourage lots of new vocabulary with the children.

See how you enjoy those activities and please do send me any pictures! I’ll try and get as many as I can on this page. Enjoy.