This week's task is to research a famous volcano and write a newspaper report about its eruption.  

You may pick Pompeii, Whakaari or one you learnt about last week. It is absolutely your choice.  It can be written or typed.  All week use the videos to help you out. 

Monday - Use the planning sheet to research and collect information to go in your newspaper report. Use the recount questions of who, what, where, when and why to help.  Also read through the example newspaper report I've added to help you spot some of the features we will use this week. 

Tuesday’s video

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Looking at our introduction model and applying skills from it into an introduction.
Tuesday - Write your headline and introduction.  
Wednesday - Paragraph writing: Who and What.

Wednesday’s video

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Who and what focus.
Thursday - Paragraph writing: Where and When

Thursday’s video

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Focus on where and when and eyewitnesses.
Friday - Conclusion writing. 

Friday’s video

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Conclusion writing