Autumn 1

After studying the work of famous graffiti artists and exploring how graffiti was used to express views on the Berlin wall, Year 5 created their very own graffiti words to represent East and West Berlin during the 1960s.

Daisy shared her incredible passion, commitment and dedication for our topic by creating and presenting a very informative Power Point all about the Berlin Wall. Thank you Daisy!

Year 5 took on the roles of a people living in East Berlin in 1961. They had to consider the push, pull and stay factors before deciding whether to attempt an escape over the Berlin Wall

Take a look at our art work inspired by the book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'

Invetigating mixtures...

Year 5 have spent their afternoon investigating solubility.

Our Class Charter. In Year 5, we will be...

As part of our first topic 'Walls and Barricades', we will be comparing and contrasting the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China