Home Learning WC 17.3.2020

Hello again Year 6!

I’m sure all of you are aware that schools are going to be closed on Friday. This makes me extremely sad that I am not with you for the next couple of days before you go! As we are uncertain of how long it will be for, please keep in touch with how you are getting on at home and with your work. You can email me via your parents with photos, questions, updates – anything! It would be lovely to hear from you!

I know there will be mixed emotions in regards to SATs. I’m guessing that you will be happy that you are not going to have to sit the tests and be judged on an exam, but I can also imagine that you may feel a little bit frustrated and sad that you have worked so hard for this! Well, it hasn’t been and won’t be for nothing. The more you learn and the more confident you become, the more comfortable you will be when tackling your new learning in Year 7.

We have had an incredible year so far and have made lots of special memories. Although we are going to be at home, this can continue. You can send me pictures, work, messages and I can upload them to our website for the class to see! You have been a fantastic class to teach and I have honestly loved every minute (even when answering your silly questions, timing you in the changing rooms and being unable to not laugh at your jokes in lessons)! Let’s keep this journey going together, and remember to remain positive for what you do have and for how great you all are. I will miss you!

Miss Harrison 

Hello Year 6!

As some of you are going to be working from home (like myself), I thought that you would find this section useful so that you are not missing out on what is being taught at school. I will update it daily with new tasks and lessons. Obviously, some of what is on our class page may be different to what is going on in the classroom as it may not be possible for you to do at home. I want you to know that you are all doing brilliantly and are working really hard in preparation for your SATs. I hope that the English, Maths and Reading tasks enable you to stay on that journey if you're working at home. If your parents need to contact me or want any extra resources, please email me on: aharrison@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk.

Miss Harrison

Friday 20.3.2020


Lesson 1: Short Reading Task - WW2 3 mark question 

Lesson 2: Reasoning Paper 1

Lesson 3: English - Plan Diary Entry (ready to start writing on Monday) 


Lesson 2 - Maths Reasoning Paper

Thursday 19.3.2020

Lesson 1: First News - read the paper and complete the task that follows. (The green task is for everyone; the blue task is for GD children.)

Lesson 2: Maths - statistics test (We have covered everything, so this should simply be a revision task.) 

Then, test questions based on this concept. I have created a document that brings previous test questions together - answers will be uploaded later. 

Lesson 2: Maths - Statistics, ignore questions 1b and 1e on the test (answers at the end)

Lesson 2: Maths Answers

Lesson 3

Enjoy yourself this afternoon, doing something that you enjoy: spending time in the garden, doing some exercise (Joe Wicks has some home videos online that you can use), baking or just relaxing! It has been a lot to take in. 


Miss Harrison 

Wednesday 18.3.2020


Good Morning Year 6! I hope that you are all ok! 

It is important if you are only joining home learning today that you start with Tuesday's lessons so that you complete the correct learning journey. You are building upon skills throughout the week to reach an end goal. Therefore, if you are joining today, please ensure that you start on the Tuesday section. The children in school did not complete the last task on the power point slide (plastic pollution) yesterday and I am sure this will be the same for those working from home. I have attached a new document today that incorporates that part of yesterday's lesson for today - please see the document called Topic lesson 18.3.2020. 


Lesson 1: Topic Lesson - Plastic Pollution 

Lesson 2: Maths - Mark My Paper (Fiery and Extreme to mark Anita's reasoning paper)

(Hot to mark Asha's arithmetic paper)

I will upload answers for this lesson after lunch so that you have time to complete them before peeking. 

Lesson 3: First News Comprehension 


Lesson 3 - First News Comprehension (E for everyone other than GD children) ANSWERS ARE ATTACHED SO DON'T SCROLL DOWN!

Lesson 2: Anita's Reasoning Paper Answers

Tuesday 17.3.2020


Lesson 1: Topic - Carbon Footprint 

Lesson 2: Topic & Science - Plastic Pollution 

Lesson 3: Grammar - Active and Passive Voice 

Lesson 3 Active & Passive Voice - choose tricky or expert for both concepts. Don't skip through as the answers are included. 1 sheet at a time!