WB 20/4/20


Hello Year 1!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and of course ate lots of chocolate! 

I'm missing you all lots and can't wait to see what you have all been up to. 

Has anyone learnt a new skill? I have to bake a cake.... that isn't burnt or rock hard!  yes


Here is a few photos of what I've been doing.

Yes Doug is still a sock thief! I have given up telling him off now. 


Remember, I am always here for you, stay safe and look after the people you love! smiley


Please find work for this week below. 

** Check out the PE Challenge**


There are 5 sheets one for each day. You will need to scroll down to reach the different star sheets, the stars are at the bottom of each sheet. WARNING - Adults the answers are at the bottom so don't let your little darling cheat!


Hot - Please complete *

Fiery - Please complete **

Extreme - Please complete ***

(If your not sure which star sheet you should do please email me)


Don't worry about printing off the sheets just write the question numbers in your book followed by the answer. 



NEW! Topic

Science - Please go through the PowerPoint first then choose as many activites as you wish to do.


CHALLENGE - How many common exception words can you read?

CHALLENGE 2 - Can you read Year 2 common exception words?

Extra Activities - Don't forget activities that I have put on before.