Position and Direction


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday please work through the PowerPoint (this can be a discussion no need to write anything down) and then move on to activity 1 and activity 2. 

Ignore the first few pages with writing on. There is 1 sheet for each group for activity 1 and 1 sheet for activity 2. The children will recognise these type of sheets from school. No need to print them you can just write the answers in your exercise book. 


Maths groups

Hot please complete the Developing work (look at the bottom of the page).

Fiery please complete the Expected work (look at the bottom of the page).

Extreme please complete the Greater Depth work (look at the bottom of the page). 


The answers are on the last page of each document so no peeking! :) 


Thursday - All to complete the same activity. 


Friday - Mental Maths

Please complete the work which is titled Hot, Fiery or Extreme dependent which group you are in.


Any questions please email me. :)