For any SEND enquiries please contact:


Our SENCO, Mrs Cathy Fowlie, by email:


Or the Interim Deputy Head Teacher, Miss. E. Leake 

or by telephone on

01785 282210


Our link governor for SEN is Sallie Churchill.


Below you can access our SEN information report and our SEND policy.



If you would like to contact Mrs Churchill please send in a letter addressed to her marked private , e mail the office requesting an appointment or catch her at any school event. Thank you


Aims and Vision

a. to create an environment that meets the special educational needs of each child;

b. to ensure that the special educational needs of children are identified, assessed and provided for;

c. to make clear the expectations of all partners in the process;

d. to identify the roles and responsibilities of staff in providing for children's special educational needs;

e. to enable all children to have full access to all elements of the school curriculum;

f. to ensure that parents or carers are able to play their part in supporting their child's education;

g. to provide a clear and accurate School Information Report that links to the Staffordshire local offer

Cooper Perry SEND Information Report 2017 - 2018