Phonics - January 11th-15th

This week is all about practising reading words and simple sentences by SEGMENTING and BLENDING.  We are not learning any new sounds but I really want the children to practise blending so that they become more confident with this.  It is so important that the children become super at blending so that when we learn more digraphs they are ready to blend these in longer words.


Phoneme: the smallest unit of sound in speech

Grapheme: the written letters and spellings that represent sounds

Digraph: two letters that make one sound

Trigraph: three letters that make one sound

Blending: when a child can see a word written such as 'cat', say each sound and blend the sounds to say cat.

Segmenting: when a child hears a words such a cat, and they can say each sound that makes up the word to write it down.

Here are the phase 2, 3 and 4 sound and word mats for your child to use (when they are doing phonics or story scribing). The PDFs are below too. The phase 4 one is there for any children that are now confident reading the phase 3 tricky words.