I can use the conjunction if in my writing.


What would you do if you met a Big Bad Wolf in the forest? Use the conjunction if to explain!


I can describe a character using noun phrases.


Today's task is to create a wanted poster about the Big Bad Wolf! Remind yourself about how to write noun phrases using the video I posted on Tuesday and use these to write your description. Remember to include lots of detail and use conjunctions to extend your sentences. If you want more of a challenge, why not turn one of the other characters from the story of Little Red into a baddy and write a wanted poster for them?!


I can answer questions based on a story I have read.


You may want to spend today finishing off your story writing. If not, I have set some reading comprehension based around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Be sure to answer the questions based on this version of the story, not the one we have read in class. You don't need to print the text or answer sheet, the questions can be answered on a separate piece of paper.


I can write a story based on a traditional tale.


We have been reading the Tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Our task this week was to re-write the story and change one thing. Look at the story map and remind yourself of what you were planning on changing about the story. (Sorry, I couldn't get it the right way up!)


I was going to change it so the wolf ate Little Red! Lots of you were going to change to wolf into a different animal. Some of you were changing the setting.


Practice retelling your story out loud before you write it down. Remember your capital letters and full-stops, noun phrases and conjunctions. See the videos at the bottom for a recap.


**Please note: we would usually spend 2-3 lessons writing a story. This task can be completed over the course of the week.**

The Expanded Noun Phrase Song

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