Religious Education



Children are growing up in an increasingly diverse society made up of many people with a faith different to their own or no faith at all. It is the intent of our Religious Education to ensure that our pupils are able to live in harmony with others. This requires an understanding of religion and the life stances adopted by communities. We aim to increase our pupils' 'religious literacy' through our teaching of Religious Education. 


While Religious Education is a compulsory subject, as stated in the National Curriculum, parents can opt to withdraw their children for all or part of these lessons. We ask that you contact Mrs Proffitt if you wish to do so.  




Our Religious Education is built around the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus. 

In EYFS, our children use the 'Puddles' resources to explore Christianity and other religions through stories and play.



By the time children leave our school at the end of KS2, they will have a secure understanding of Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. Our curriculum is designed so children have an understanding of other faiths as well as an awareness of secular world views such as Humanism and atheism. Children will have been given opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs as well as developing an understanding and appreciation of the faith choices made by others.