Being British .... the values

Don't forget the e-safety rules; follow them and stay safe on line.

Article 13:

You have the right to find out things and share what you think by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way, unless it harms or offends.

Mrs Churchill helped us celebrate our Stars of the Week

Citizenship Weerk - celebrating our British Values with a visit from a Police Officer who was explaining the importance of law.

Our new display celebrates what we do at Cooper Perry to promote and follow British Values

Sports Day and Teddy Bear's Picnic: the weather will not stop our fun and enthusiasm for sharing our learning.

The Day the Queen visited Reception:

Our Maypole Tradition

History of Maypole Dancing

The earliest Maypoles were part of a celebration of Summer which would be linked in with mystical things like tree worship and more basic things like an excuse for dancing and having a good time!


The Maypole Dancing that people know today, happened because John Ruskin introduced it at Whitelands College in 1881 and created a series of dances and a May Pageant.  

Generations of teachers learnt all about these and took them wherever they went on to teach and by the middle of the 20th century it had become a major tradition, much of which survives to the present day but for some years had been dying out as fewer teachers knew the dances.


Fortunately over the last few years Maypole Dancing has had a bit of a revival for all sorts of reasons to do with a greater awareness of our own culture   



How many famous Britons can you name?

British Values

How does it link to our curriculum and ethos?

Great Britons

We all celebrated together: a banquet lunch for Shakepeare's 400th year

Celebrating 400 years of The Baird during Arts Week.

The Past: British Empire - where we came from/our heritage.