Home Learning WC 23.3.2020

Friday 27.3.2020

Lesson 1: PE with Joe

Lesson 2: English - Continue with the picture task 

Lesson 3: Maths - Arithmetic paper (please email your score)

Lesson 4: Reading - First News Comprehension (E & GD) 

Lesson 5: Science - Continue with your shadow investigations 

Lesson 6: Golden Time - enjoy the weekend! 

Lesson 4: Reading - E or GD First News Comprehension

Lesson 5: Science - continue with shadow investigations

Good Morning Year 6!

I hope you all enjoyed your last few days at school last week – I am sorry I couldn’t be there to see you off! However, I am sure that you received my message for the front of your autograph books 😊 I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready to tackle this new way of learning!  If you have not seen anything on our class page yet, please take a look at last week and the Accelerated Reader page before you get started today. You don’t need to go through all of the documents from last week to catch up, there are just a couple of bits you will need to catch up on and they are all explained in the lessons for today (Monday). If you need anything, just email: aharrison@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk

Thursday 26.3.2020 - Remember to email your writing assessment

Lesson 1: PE with Joe

Lesson 2: English - picture task (over two days Thursday & Friday)

Lesson 3: Maths - angles in shapes

Lesson 4: Recap spellings (Year 3 & 4 or Year 5 & 6 common exception words)

Lesson 5: Science - Shadow Investigations (over two days Thursday & Friday)



Lesson 2: English - Picture Task for two days

Lesson 5: Science - Shadow Investigations

Wednesday 25.2.2020

Lesson 1: PE with Joe

Lesson 2: English - Diary entry writing, tick the adverb for SPAG warm-up

Lesson 3: Maths - angles in shapes (see guidance document for the objective, arithmetic warm-up and instructions for the lesson)

Lesson 4: Reading - read the newspaper + activities to follow (if you want to, you can just read the paper during this time)

Lesson 5: PE - whatever you can access at home: play with a ball in your garden; play with a sibling; take the dog for a walk (with an adult); go on your bike (if it is safe to do so).


Tuesday 24.3.2020

Lesson 1: PE with Joe 

Lesson 2: English - start to write your diary entry (use document from yesterday for your objectives & see the document below for your SPAG warm-up)

Lesson 3: Maths - angles 

Lesson 4: Reading - Holes Chapter 20-22 + comprehension questions 

Lesson 5: Art - plan a recycled piece


Lesson 2: English for your SPAG warm-up, everyone should be working on tricky or expert! Please see the 'UKS2 Grammar and Punctuation' document - I have created a new one which is like the one in our green folders!

Lesson 4: Reading - Holes Chapters 20-22, comprehension questions with marks identified.

Lesson 5: Art - Plastic Pollution Project

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Monday 23.3.2020

Lesson 1: 9am PE with Joe - see video about 

Lesson 2: English - Writing Assessment

Lesson 3: Maths - Start of shape unit (properties of shape) 

Lesson 4: Reading - Table Plan