VE Day Celebrations

Your aim is to create a party like atmosphere in your house to replicate the end of the Second World War.  After 6 years of war, how might you feel?  

Ideas for your celebration maybe similar to your own personal feelings and family ideas of how you might celebrate the end of lockdown.  Hopefully it won't be 6 years because that would just be ridiculous! 


Ideas could include:

Creating a rationing cake

Creating bunting for your house - Just cut out triangles and attach to string or wool and complete a Union Jack or image from war on it. 

Design a commoration coin or stamp. 

Write a diary entry for that day.

Design a newspaper front page from the day

Draw a picture of the celebrations in London

Create artwork in the style of Lowry.  

- His VE Day artwork is famous.  He was famous for creating 'matchstick' people and his townscapes showing factories and mills.  He drew thousands of ant-like people are seen thronging the streets of this city to celebrate the end of the Second World War in Europe. The industrial buildings are enlivened by flags and bunting. Many people believe he shows the lively atmosphere of the scene by including so many people, painting them in a very simple manner. 

Watch the Horrible Histories song Can you try create your own VE Day song?