Home Learning WC 11.5.2020

Hello Year 6!

Welcome to what would have been your SATs week! We would have been sharing toast and condiments early in the morning, on a long banquet table, whilst listening to motivational songs. We would have been talking, laughing and supporting all of our friends. I know there will be mixed emotions about not completing SATs (like there is with me). Some of you will want to celebrate around the garden as you don’t believe in being judged on an exam and would rather not have to feel the pressure that they bring, and no one would blame you for feeling that way! Whereas others, I’m guessing you are feeling deflated and frustrated that you can’t show off your incredible skills and ability that you have worked so hard this year to acquire. I can honestly say I am so proud of you all; your effort and attitude towards your learning has been amazing. You have been determined to learn new skills, you have ensured that you have improved your writing between each assessment, increased your pace in your maths, and developed the ability to answer ‘3 mark’ questions in depth for reading. You have come such a long way since September and regardless of the SATs exam, you are prepared and skilled to tackle the rest of this year along with your first year at high school! It is a really difficult and strange time (one that none of us could have prepared for), but ultimately we have to be grateful for what we have got and recognise that being safe and well during this time is more important than anything else.

I was thoroughly looking forward to going through this journey with you; my incredible Year 6 team! But, I still feel like I have been and that I am continuing to go through a journey with you now. You will always be a special class to me. I have LOVED teaching you all (every single one of you)! Yes, some of you have been slightly annoying at times (little joke), but I wouldn’t change any of you! The combination of your personalities and ‘characters’ has made a phenomenal group that I am sure you will cherish forever.

It has been difficult to plan for this week (with it being pre-scheduled as your SATs week). So to cater for both stances on SATs, you have two completely different tasks. One is to complete last year’s papers, either in test conditions or as a task in a lesson. The other is to use the acronym (Share A Talent) to show off an area that you excel in, an area that makes you, you, or an area that you are proud of. You can complete both or just one – I want you choose what is best for YOU this week!

As always, it is lovely to hear from you with updates or work that you wish to share, so please continue to email me! I would also like to say thank you again to all of you (Y6 and parents) for your kind words, appreciation and support.

Take care,

Miss Harrison

Share A Talent

Please record your talent and email the video to me - aharrison@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk 

I look forward to seeing them!