It is time to move onto a new science topic so over the next two weeks, I will be setting you science challenges all about sound. I know that you’re working extremely hard and I want your science learning to be fun, active and enjoyable so all of the suggested activities will be hands on experiments. If you wish to record your results or write about your learning, that’s absolutely fine but don’t feel you have to!
I also know you're working so hard on your Maths, Writing and Topic work, so if you don't get a chance to complete this Science work or if you would prefer to do Science instead of some of your other work, that's absolutely fine!


As always, I would love to see your photos!


Step 1 - Watch the Videos

Step 2 - Seeing Sound

Investigate - What happens when the sound gets louder?
Step 2 - Pitch

Step 3 - Pitch Challenge - I'd love to see your videos!