At Cooper Perry Primary School, there is a dedicated well-being team led by Miss Harper and Miss Fletcher. Mrs Squires (KS2), Mr Ormesher (KS1) and Mrs James (KS1), who are all HOPE (Helping Our Pupils' Emotions) trained, form the rest of this team and deliver well-being provision across school. 


If you would like further information about Cooper Perry's approach to well-being, or if you have a concern or query, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Miss Fletcher - hfletcher@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk


Miss Harper - gharper@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk


Mrs James - ljames@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk


Mrs Squires - h.squires@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk


Mr Ormesher - sormesher@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk