Week 4

Hello Reception,


This week we are off to the Jungle! I hope you are ready for the adventure. What is your favourite Jungle animal? Maybe you could dress up as them today for our jungle adventure or you could even pretend to be Mowgli from Jungle Book! I was really looking forwards to the wonderful things that we were going to be up to in this topic so I am hoping we can have just as much fun during our home learning!


As part of our new topic I have created a Jungle topic chart which is full of different ideas that cover expressive arts and design and understanding the world. These are there for you and your child to have a choice of what they would like to do, and so that you can work through these at your own pace. We will be continuing the topic for 5 weeks so there is plenty of time but please do not worry if you do not complete them all. I have suggested some however, it will be great to see what you come up with. You can be creative as you like!


Miss you all, keep smiling! 😊

Miss Hand