Home Learning WC 20.4.2020

Welcome back!

I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter break, spending time with your family and eating lots of chocolate eggs! It would be lovely if you could all ‘check in’ with me again this week, just with a little update with how you are or some pictures of what you have been up to over the Easter holidays. I hope that you found the work I set useful for over the break. This week is going to be set in a similar way to the week before the break; you will have your lessons set in each of the subject areas (Maths, English, Reading, Science and PE – you can choose, ensuring that you are safe). Look on the PE page for this week to find a virtual sports tournament - all entries go to the SGO (School Games Organiser). I will then be emailed the results and can let you know your position.

If you didn’t choose to complete the work over Easter, you could always refer back to that section if you want any additional work this week!

Missing you all lots – working in front of the computer is just not the same as being with you all in the classroom! 

As always, you can email me on aharrison@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk

Take care,

Miss Harrison