English 20th April 2020

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Welcome back. Here is a summary of what I’m looking for you to do this week. Enjoy!

This week's task is to take inspiration from the story 'A Tiger Came to Tea'.  Listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgW9UCgpc8.  Then I would like you to plan a Year 4 equivalent story.  You should aim to use: 

- The 5 part story plan.

- An animal of interest to you. 

- A range of sentence openers.

- A range of conjunctions (FANBOYS or I SAW A WABUB).

- Direct speech. 

- A range of punctuation


You may like to use:

- Similes

- Personification

- Alliteration


Monday - Add an animal into your home.

Use the app store - Google Chrome. 

Search bar: Search for an animal of your choice.  To find the animal best suited to use '3D animals Google list'.  

Tap on view in 3D and photo the animal into your front room.   See where your animal can go. 


Tuesday - Use the story planner to plan the story of the animal in your house.  


Wednesday - Writing your story - Introduction and Build Up


Thursday - Writing your story - Dilemma and Resolution


Friday - Writing your story - Ending and Editing.  

Monday's Aim: A penguin arrives in the kitchen

Tuesday's Story Planner