Introducing this week’s writing

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Following on from last week where you had an animal come to your house, I would like you to pick one of the two tasks below:

1. Design a new animal for a new habitat.  I loved looking a http://www.thefutureiswild.com/ to gain ideas.  I came out with a new animal called a Crocograff - Which is part crocodile and part giraffe. Then I would like you to write a non-chronological report about that animal.  


2. Research an animal that interests you and create a non-chronological report about it. 


I would suggest a weekly plan of: 

Monday - Research your animal and read an example report.

Tuesday - Write your introduction and one of the paragraphs e.g. habitat. 

Wednesday - Write two more paragraphs e.g. diet and young. 

Thursday - Write two more paragraphs e.g. predators and prey.

Friday - Polish your report and include pictures and captions .