Welcome back Year 3!


This week, our writing is inspired by the video ‘Marshmallow’.


Below is a sequence of tasks that will help you to produce a fantastic story, retelling the events of the video. Complete the warm ups first (as these will help you gather some brilliant ideas that will make your writing sparkle), and then write a short extract each day. By the end of the week, you will have a masterpiece!


This is one of our favourite videos – we hope you enjoy it!



The tasks below are suggested tasks based on the video clip 'Marshmallows'. The tasks have been planned in a similar approach to how Writing is taught in school, with a steady build up of activities that support the children in writing an extended piece of writing throughout the week. Each task includes:

- a warm up activity that supports the children in gathering vocabulary that they can use in their main write

- a scaffolded explanation on what to include in their paragraph

- an example of how they may way to start their paragraph

Please only complete what you feel is manageable for you and your child. The warm up activities are planned to aid the children in developing and gathering ideas to help them with their wider writing, but please consider them optional. If your child would prefer to do a shorter task, they could just write the story, retelling the events of the video.

We hope the children enjoy this piece of writing as much as we have enjoyed planning it. 

Use these word mats to ensure you have a range of verbs and adverbs.

SPaG Checklist - aim high and try to include all of these SPaG elements in your writing.

LKS2 SPaG Help Sheet - you may want to use this to recap your SPaG objectives.

Once you've written your story, edit and polish your writing. If you would like to write a final draft, you may want to use this bordered paper -