Pictures & Shared Work

Oli and his science experiment!

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Oli Broken Science

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Cameron's science - a 'must watch' until the end!

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William has enjoyed his science experiment this week!

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Science pictures inspired by 'Broken' (Joseph & Cameron)

Joseph's science work - check out his reactions to his experiment!

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Art inspired by 'Broken' (Oli & Cameron)

You must watch this video of the costumes that James has designed and made - they are phenomenal!

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Alyssa's incredible artwork - take a look!

An update from Taylor - he has designed and made a herb planter with his brother!

Child Labour in the Industrial Revolution

Check out Joseph's incredible computing skills!

The Industrial Revolution History

Edith's talent - playing the piano beautifully!

Isabel's share a talent - beautiful makeup supporting the NHS and painted stones for people in the village to find!

Rosie never fails to make me laugh - I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did!

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Kaden working hard on his tests last week!

Ethan is very talented on the guitar!

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Megan sharing her passion for gymnastics!

William's brilliant stop motion video - a child working in the chimneys!

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Struggling for a book to read? Check out our reviews!

Brilliant 'new front covers'! I actually prefer these ones to the originals. Lewis has used his (seriously cute) dog and sister's netball trophy for the 3rd.

Incredible portraits!

Mr Men and Little Misses (Megan, Oli and William)

Bailee has been baking!

Mrs Smith & William - they are comparing eye colour for the inheritance task!

Joseph & Holly have enjoyed the science 'Mr Men' task!

An update from Izzy. C and her furry friends!

Edith has been baking again! Also, check out her beautiful dream catcher that she has made.

Bailee's Creative Poster; Rosie's Creative Poster & Cameron's Leaflet

Watch out! Cameron has taken up boxing!

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An update from Izzy. D - she's really focused on her work and keeping up with her 'gardening club' duties!

Kaden's working hard at home and he's enjoying a game with his sister!

Oli has been working incredibly hard!

Super updates from William!

They both enjoyed the 'Best Beak' activity! Mini Eggs were added in the mix too!

Perks of working from home = a cup of tea!

Ethan has enjoyed his science work - we can see what he has used for his inspiration!

Update from Lewis!

Beautiful pictures with her pony!

Nice weather = enjoying a science experiment outside!

A Phenomenal Sonnet Poem, by Joseph.

Covid 19


Coronavirus needs to go away,

For it will cause havoc if it does stay.

Although right now we are safe in this room,

We might be taken by the virus soon.

To stop Covid 19 trying to spread,

Wash your hands a lot, or it will be fed

By the germs on your body, feet and faces.

They could be on your strawberry laces!

Thats the reason why you should wash your hands,

Coronavirus’s RNA strands

 Will be wet, unhappy and will get lost.

If you dont want Covid, wash at all costs!

Be sure to help keep this virus at bay,

Or Covid 19 will Get Its own Way!

Smiling whilst completing her art project!

Isabel's tremendous turtle!

Ethan's phenomenal art project and shadow work!

Cameron's super squid!

Having a rest from gardening - now she's baking!

Another super art project!

Isabel's take on what could be inside the eggs!

Joseph has started to grow his own vegetables in case all of his food runs out - take a look at his cress!

Check out Alyssa's jellyfish creation

Another new classroom to share, although I'm surprised he's not positioned by a radiator as we all know that's his favourite spot :)

Enjoying his morning workout and his new classroom!

Brilliant Castle Midnight Stories by Erin and Isabel. C - take a read

Joseph's Castle Midnight - an impressive read!

Another incredible piece of writing based on Castle Midnight by Sophie. M - it's lovely to see how different they all are!

Enjoying the outdoors

Cameron's incredible writing based on Castle Midnight

Working from home!