I can retell a story I know. 

Re-watch the Penguin Story. 


Make a set of Puppets - one for the penguin and one for the boy. Use them to retell the story to a family member. 


Use these pictures to help you draw and colour your puppets. 


I can give my opinions on a story I know.


Re-watch the story: Penguin. Have a think about what you like or dislike about it. Who else might light to watch the story? Who could you share it with? Does it remind you of any stories you know?


Complete a book review about the story. You can either create your own review or use one of the templates.


I can recount events from a story.


Watch the video below about the story of a boy finding a penguin in a box!


Then story board the main events. You can use the template below or create your own template.

Penguin by Polly Dunbar