Phase 3

Every day we would usually have a phonics session that last 20 minutes (please don’t feel that yours must be this long, it might be quicker when working one-to-one).


The first activity would be to revisit sounds that we have previously learnt. This would be a short, quick recall activity. You can use these to help:  

I will also share a PowerPoint with you. 


Next, we would learn a new sound. During this time, we learn how to pronounce the sound, how to write the sound and read some words that contain our new sound. (this video will help with the pronunciation if you are unsure)


After that we practise segmenting and blending words containing the new and previously learnt sound in a game.  This part can be tricky but is really important to support reading and writing. - This website has a variety of games that you can play to practise; on some you can select the sounds you want. I will also post some other activities so you can mix it up through the week if you wish.


Finally, we apply all our phonics knowledge, this usually involves reading or writing sentences. There are two games, ‘sentence substitution’ or ‘sentences’ on phonics play or you can use some of the others that I will share.