Values and Ethos

School Motto

Our school motto has also been implemented in conjunction with our vision

A, B, C

Aim, Believe, Celebrate


– Aim high

- Believe in yourself and others 

 - Celebrate success together


School Vision

(Written by Staff, Governors and Pupils September 2021)


At Cooper Perry:


At Cooper Perry the child is at the heart of all we do.


During their journey at Cooper Perry we:


  • Inspire all our children to become independent, determined and resilient members of the community, who strive to challenge themselves and support others.
  • Nurture an increased self-belief and confidence, celebrating our trials and successes together.
  • Foster happy, confident and self-assured pupils who continually develop an understanding of how to care for their own well-being and that of others.
  • Engage in an enjoyable, broad and balance curriculum.
  • Address the needs of each individual child working towards his / her full potential.
  • Ignite pupils passion for learning by providing memorable experiences.
  • Celebrate diversity and difference providing opportunity for all pupils without harassment or prejudice.
  • Prepare pupils for their next steps in education.


At Cooper Perry we will champion each child, celebrating their success on their own individual journey.




Our values are based on the school Motto and underpinned by RESPECT in all its forms


Respect for:


Family and Friends


The world around us


Faith and culture

British Values