Lesson 5 

To give personal opinions about what is read (discussion texts).


In this lesson we will think about how we can develop our own opinions using the discussion text about animals in zoos. We will then use these strategies to apply it to other discussion points.


Lesson 4

To use co-ordinating conjunctions.


In this lesson we will learn about the conjunctions 'or, but, and, so'. We will identify conjunctions in sentences, apply our knowledge and reflect on the role of each conjunction.


Lesson 3

To give reasons for and against.


In this lesson we will explore how to give reasons for an against an argument and then role play these opinions in a discussion. 


Lesson 2


In this lesson we will story map and step and speak a discussion.


Lesson 1

To listen to a discussion. 


In this lesson we will hear a discussion about whether animals should be kept in zoos or not. We will also think about some other discussion questions and reasons for and against.