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Welcome back to school parents, families and children.

This page will keep you updated with our daily activities and contain web links for home and school.


Dear children and families,


Welcome back to school after a fantastic Christmas break. We have had a great week getting to know each other this week. Here’s to a fantastic first time of 2019.


Reminders: PE days - Monday and Tuesday.


Our English reading and writing will be based around our class books – ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and ‘How to train your dragon' by Cressida Cowell. We will be using these texts to inspire our writing.


  1. Mathematics we will be learning about fractions. Solving fluency, reasoning and problem-solving styled questions to improve our understanding of mathematical concepts. Our upcoming topics are multiplication and division, Geometry (Area) and decimals. Currently we are focusing on times tables to ensure the children have rapid recall. Soon we will be practicing and improving our mental and written methods for the 4 operations.


Homework – Each week the homework will include:

  • Spellings - using the Spelling Rule taught that week.

  • Times Tables - which are are an essential part of the curriculum. Please practice regularly using Times Tables Rockstars. These logins are recorded in their diaries.

  • Reading – Please listen to your child read and give them the opportunity to listen to you being a good role-model reader for them too.

  • Another activity – Something else will be given that supports, develops or consolidates the learning from the week.


Homework will be handed in on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, dependent on the tasks given.



During this term our topic will be Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We have already started to share our knowledge and pose questions we would like to investigate. We will be taking on the role of detective to try and uncover what life was like during these historical periods.


Our Science focuses on Adaptation and Interdependence. We will be finding out about how to group animals, food chains and adaptations of living things to their environment.


In PE we will be supported by a PE apprentice on Mondays for dance and gymnastics and Tuesdays will be supported by Mr Allman, our first unit is Dance and Gymnastics.


As always any questions please feel free to call and make an appointment, chat at the end of the day or email me:



Thank you for your ongoing support,

Best wishes for the term ahead,


Mr Gilchrist-Hawke and the Year 4 team.