Year 5 Class Blog

13th May



Happy Friday!


We have had another fun-filled week in Year 5.


In order to support the Year 6 SATs, we have been on the move this week and have spent some of our time learning in the hall.


In maths, we have been adding and subtracting decimals with Mrs Brooks.  In lessons, we have showcased our phenomenal resilience when problem solving and reasoning about decimal numbers.


We have LOVED English this week. Our new class text, Wonder, has really captured our interest and this week we have begun writing a diary entry from the perspective of August. Some of us have worked in a small group and took on the challenge of writing a diary from the perspective of another character. We have mastered informal language and verb tenses.


In Science, we have been learning about the lifecycles of amphibians, insects and mammals. After conducting some research, we created our own lifecycle diagrams.


Our Topic continued as we explored what role children played in the Industrial Revolution. We worked in teams to explore sources and created a shared document.


Today, we celebrated a ‘Day of Flight’ to mark Mrs Allman’s charity skydive this weekend. We worked in pairs to create paper aeroplanes and we investigated how the shape and size impacted how far the plane would travel.


Have a wonderful weekend!


6th May


It has been a 4-day week this week, but we have certainly fit so much in.


Our non-chronological reports about mountain trolls are completed and they look amazing! After the editing process, we wrote up our writing and organised it to make our report. We then finished it off by adding our very own art work inspired by mountain trolls.

In maths, we have been

exploring the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages. The children have become experts in finding 1% and 10% of a number.

We are now 6 chapters in to our new book, Wonder, and we are LOVING IT! Today, we have begun to plan our next piece of writing, which will be a diary entry from the perspective of one of the main characters.


In topic, we explored primary and secondary sources to learn about what life was like for people during the Industrial Revolution. We were incredible detectives and considered what the source taught us about this period of history before rating the reliability of the source.

In DT, we explored existing bags through internet research. In a few weeks, we will be making our very own bag inspired by our favourite Harry Potter character.


It has been another fabulous week and the children have done us all proud!

Have a great weekend!


29th April 


What a fantastic first week back! The children have returned to school, focussed, determined and eager to learn.


In maths, we have started to learn about fraction and decimal equivalence, and although this has been tricky, we have persevered. We have continued to work extremely hard in writing to complete our non-chronological reports about Mountain Trolls, which we will final draft next week. Mrs Brooks kick-started our new topic, and we learnt about what the term ‘industrial revolution’ really means. We compared and contrasted photographs of parts of England before the Industrial Revolution and after.


A huge well done to the Year 5 children who took part in Gotta Dance – it was a fantastic night and the teachers were so, so, SO proud of you!


Have a great weekend!

25th April


Dear Families


I hope you are all well and have had a wonderful Easter break. I am really looking forward to welcoming the children back next week to begin the Summer Term.


When we return, we will begin our new topic ‘The Age of Smoke and Steam’, where we will study the changes and developments of the Industrial Revolution. As part of our topic and wider curriculum learning, we will be asking ‘Is All Change Good?’ and focussing on change, reform, choice and influence as our key themes. Earlier this week, I emailed you our Topic Overview (which outlines the intended coverage of our topic), a knowledge organiser and a homework grid. We would encourage all children to complete at least one homework task over the coming half term.


In English, we will be reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and this will be the focus of our guided reading sessions. We will also use this text to inspire some of our writing and creative tasks. When we return, we will move on to the decimals, fractions and percentages unit in maths and then we will learn about shape, position and direction later on in the term. In Science, we will continue to learn about plants, and we will study the life cycles of a range of living things, including humans and animals. From next week, Sports Day preparation will begin, and we will be focussing on athletics in PE.


The children (and staff) are all extremely excited about our upcoming trip to Harry Potter World, which takes place on Friday 17th June. Further details regarding timings, spending money and food arrangements will be sent out in the next few weeks.


As always, homework for the upcoming term will be weekly spellings, reading and Times Table Rockstar. Last term, I was extremely impressed with the children’s commitment to the reading challenge and the TTRS class battles – I hope that their enthusiasm continues.


If you ever have any questions, queries or concerns, you can catch me at the end of the school day or email me at:


Enjoy the last few days of the Easter break!

Miss Fletcher

1st April 2022

We have had a fantastic (and busy) week in Year 5!


This week, we began a new English unit inspired by the mountain troll from Harry Potter. We began the week by exploring images of the troll and worked together to create a key set of facts about the species (including their habitat, diet and behaviour). As the week has progressed, we have begun to transform our ideas into paragraphs as part of our non-chronological report. We are all discovering our inner David Attenborough to ensure our ideas are shared in a formal manner.


In maths, we have come to the end of our fraction unit. This week we have been finding fractions of amounts and using fractions as operators. Next week, we will begin our unit on decimals.


We continued to learn about plants in science, and we worked in teams to plan an investigation to test what plants need to grow. Some of us are exploring if plants can grow without light, some of us are investigating if plants can grow without water or how too much water impacts growth. Standby for the results next week.


Our learning about climate change continues as part of our topic, and we have been exploring the term ‘carbon footprint’ this week. Year 5 have reflected on their carbon footprint and in preparation for next week, they are beginning to consider how they can reduce their carbon footprint.


In DT, we have been exploring different types of bags and on Thursday, we designed our very own bag. After Easter, we will be working on our sewing skills as we bring our design to life.


Today, Mr Griffiths has been in a delivered a well-being workshop, focussing on dreams and goals.


The children have been working extremely hard all week – both at home and at school – on Times Table Rockstar. We finished our week celebrating our tournament victory!


Homework, as always, is reading (the word count challenge concludes next week and winners will be revealed), Times Table Rockstar (let’s keep our winning streak going) and spellings.


Happy weekend!