People all around the world love reading and celebrating their favourite books.  This week is the virtual literature festival at Hay-on-Wye in Wales.  https://www.hayfestival.com/


We have been reading 'How to train a dragon' by Cressida Cowell.  She is presenting on Monday about her book called 'THE WIZARDS OF ONCE: KNOCK THREE TIMES', follow this link https://www.hayfestival.com/c-247-programme-for-schools.aspx?resetfilters=true&localesetting=en-GB.  


Monday's Task - Either 1. Watch her presentation.

2. Research her books and life.

Then create a presentation about what you have learnt.   


Tuesday to Friday - Choose from the activities below

1.  Create a book review of her one of her books or one for your favourite author.


2. Imagine you are meeting her or your favourite author and write an interview with questions you want to know more about and use inference for the answers. 


Example of interview and how to start and present. 

Mr G-H: I have read several of your books, what is your inspiration for 'How to train a dragon'?

Cressida: I hope you liked my books?  The inspiration behind 'How to train a dragon' was my fascination with mythical creatures and my desire to create a book about someone who isn't your typical character to show children they should be proud to be me and stand up for themselves as well as hunt for their strengths. 


3. Create the next chapter of a Cressida Cowell book or the book your are reading.  Don't read on.  How would you write it? What direction would the story plot take? 


4. Write the chapter before.  Could you change the direction of the book?  Change the dilemma?  Change the character's learning?


5. Write a short story of the next book in the sequence of a Cressida Cowell book or your own chosen book. 


6. Create a non-chronological report about an animal or place that appears in your book.


7. Create a diary about the inner thoughts of one of the characters.