Home Learning - Year 5's Story

Miss Fletcher’s puppy, Chester, is growing extremely quickly and is still up to mischief (mostly hunting out and chewing our socks)!

Have a read of Oliver's outstanding writing inspired by the video 'Broken'

Take a look at Oliver's amazing art inspired by 'Broken'

Emma's incredible art project inspired by the video 'Broken'

Oliver has been working incredibly hard. Take a look at his futuristic map of Seighford!

Take a look at Adam's phenomenal writing

Jack's futuristic house design

A new month, a new hair colour

Jack's brilliant recreation of a book cover

Henry C's parachute challenge

Check out Finlay's phenomenal guitar skills

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Sam's impressive writing and art inspired by the video 'Broken'

Henry C's incredible art inspired by 'Broken'

Look how talented Caleb is! His incredible sketch inspired by the video 'Broken'

Amber D's AMAZING art inspired by Henri Rousseau

All About Space Suits by Sam

Fantastic Maths and futuristic designs from Sam this week

Brilliant work by Henry C...

Angelica's futuristic design

Jack's incredible space suit presentation...

Evan and Owen have been making a virus

Finlay's incredible space nappy work...

Sam's super football skills...

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Check out Sam's space nappy!

Oliver has been hard at work once again: space nappies; a speech on a child labour; a comparison of childhood between different times.

Matilda's super protest board!

Adam's Tagxedo inspired by child labour during the Industrial Revolution

Adam's fantastic Topic work

Amber D's incredible campaign!

Henry C's amazing protest board

Look at how hard George has been working....Well done George!

Sam's Tagxedo inspired by the Industrial Revolution

Sam's INCREDIBLE trailer fighting against child labor

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Jack's INCREDIBLE Science project

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Henry S - not only is her a superstar, he's also a professional gardener - look at those vegetables and herbs!

Evan (and Owen) making VE Day bunting

Look at Angelica's new additions

Olivia's incredible diary inspired by the Industrial Revolution

Thomas' incredible Industrial Revolution PowerPoint - well done Thomas!

Isla is having fun creating ear defenders

Finlay working hard and enjoying time on his bike

Leeza has been busy creating!

George enjoyed testing materials for ear defenders

Angelica's incredible diary entry and science experiment - it looks like she had lots of fun!

Jack has been working hard (and having lots of fun) testing materials for ear defenders

Leeza has been having lots of fun making a robot with her family!

Take a look at Emma's incredible non chronological report about the Industrial Revolution!

Take a look at what Oliver has been up to.... look at all of that incredible work!

Sam's brilliant Industrial Revolution Power Point

Ralph's Science Experiment

Ralph's Sound Experiment! Ralph's dad (who didn't know this was going on) was taken by surprise.

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Jack's Sound Experiment

Still image for this video

Jack's Sound Experiment

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Can you guess the song? I'll give you a clue...its a 'hello' from Jack

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Jack's brilliant Industrial Revolution Power Point

Finlay's been working hard and having fun!

Angelica's Super Non Chronological Report

Henry C's Science Experiment

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Henry C's Science Experiment

Still image for this video

Henry C's Science Experiment

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Ralph has been keeping very active

Thomas' Special Helper

Year 5 Floss Challenge!

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A HUGE thank you to those that took part!

Take a look at Amber's incredible Industrial Revolution project...

A Day in the Life of Sam during Lockdown -

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Take a look at George's incredible Power Point about the Industrial Revolution

Harrison has been having lots of fun: camping in the garden, baking for grandparents, walking Bayley and doings lots of school work :)

WOW! Take a look at Sam's iMovie...

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Jack's had a busy start to the week! What a fantastic science project!

Thomas having fun!

WOW! Take a look at Thomas' incredible moon phase project! Well done Thomas!

Henry S has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine with his family! What a fantastic project about the phases of the moon! Well done, Henry!

Baking and beautiful hair from Isla

Miss Fletcher’s plants have arrived and she’s been very busy! Before and after...

Mrs Allman making her garden look beautiful

Enjoying the gorgeous sunshine with my favourite book and my new best friend!!

Mrs Squires hard at work!

Isla's been getting creative

Oliver starting his 'Walk to the Moon' challenge

Oliver's opening paragraph was out of this world

Angelica making homemade pasta

Sam creating some wonderful writing

Finlay enjoying the beautiful weather!

Bike rides, fun in the garden, gardening and lots of work for Finlay.

Jack's Fantastic Project

Jack having fun in the garden!

New week, new hair colour...

Matilda's Amazing Moon Project

Angelica's delicious Easter cake

Birthday celebrations, craft, cooking and a trip to hospital - Oliver had a very busy Easter break.

There's something different about Jack and I just can't put my finger on it :)

Henry keeping ver active during his time at home.

Bella's incredible recycled plastic art project

Isla enjoying some craft activities

Week 2 - Isla has been busy using recycled plastic to create this incredible piece of art!

Week 2 - Isla's paper mache Space inspired project - well done, Isla!

Week 2 - Finlay's brilliant plastic pollution inspired art work! Well done, Fin!

Week 2 - The final masterpiece! What an incredible artist Henry C is!

Week 2 - rainbows, family runs and Norbert the sea turtle. Well done, Harrison!

Week 2 - writing, drawing, art and lots of reading for Oliver!

Week 2 - chocolate eclairs, recycled plastic art and lots and lots of work for Jack!

Week 2 - Finlay is working so, so hard!

Week 2 - Angelica's brilliant art project

Week 2 - Amber M's incredible non chronological report

Week 2 - Harrison has been very, very busy: work, baking and drawing!

Week 2 - Emma's fantastic art project made using recycled plastic.

Take a look at Henry's incredible Science project.

Henry enjoyed getting creative - look at this phenomenal piece of art!

Harrison and his family had a very busy week last week - they moved house!

Henry (and family) working hard, having fun and making memories.

Day 5 - Miss Fletcher had a special little helper...until he fell asleep!

Sam's incredible Solar System Work!

Day 5 - Sam (and his family) working incredibly hard and enjoying the sunshine.

Day 5 - some afternoon gardening for Angelica

Day 5 - Angelica making the most of the sunshine!

WOW! Emma's incredible Solar System writing.

Exercising, creating, baking and working hard - all in one busy week for Thomas.

Day 5 - Adam keeping fit!

Day 4 - It looks like Marcus (and Madi) have been having lots of fun!

Day 4 - Olivia learning a new school on her walk

Day 4 - Mrs Squires (and Honey) enjoying the sunshine.

Day 4 - Sunshine means gym time for Angelica

Day 3 - George enjoying the great outdoors!

Day 3 - Finlay (and family) have been extremely busy!

Day 3 - Jack hard at work!

Day 2 - Miss Fletcher's - very wild- new friend enjoying the sunshine.

Day 2 - energy, organisation and collaboration - it looks like Harrison has had a successful day!

Day 2 - A heart-warming message from Harrison - thank you!

Day 2 - Oliver has had a very, very, very busy day.

Day 2 - Angelica is not letting anything get in the way of her practising her incredible gymnastic skills!

Day 2 - Sam (and mum) are enjoying Joe Wicks' Workout

Day 1- Emma hard at work!

Day 1 - Harrison working hard (even on his birthday) and of course, with help from a special friend.

Day 1 - Lots of energy and hard work from Olivia

Day 1 - Sam hard at work