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Welcome back to school parents, families and children.

This page will keep you updated with our daily activities and contain web links for home and school.


Dear children and families,

welcome back to school after a lovely long summer. We've had a brilliant week and are all ready for a lazy weekend - we are ALL tired.


The children have filled in their day books/diaries with PE days - Monday and Tuesday, and if these books could come into school every that would be appreciated.


Our English reading and writing will be based around our class book - 'The Firework-maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman.In maths we are revisiting place value with a focus on 4 digit numbers, as always we will develop fluency before moving to reasoning and problem solving. We will move onto mental and written methods for the 4 operations. Tables are an essential part of the curriculum, so please help wherever you can. The BBC sports times tables are fun should you want to have a go:

Please continue to support your child with times tables Rock Star homework ( they have their logins in their diaries.)

Each Friday your child will write their homework in their diaries, we will provide folders but as yet we have none - they are on order. Spellings and arithmetic will be checked on Thursday or Friday each week.


In topic we will visit the Indus Valley Civilisation. Science will allow us to look at Teeth and the digestive system followed by electricity closer to Christmas. DT will be cross curricular combining all areas to look at Bread and Electrical games. In PE we will be supported by a PE apprentice on Mondays for dance and gymnastics and Tuesdays will be supported by Mr Allman, our first unit is netball followed by Tag Rugby.


As always any questions please feel free to call and make an appointment, chat at the end of the day or email me:


Thank you for your on going support,

Best wishes,

Michelle Vogtlander and the year 4 team.




Supporting the wider community. Chebsey church

Writing Y4 objectives




Making Felt; poppy fields for the 100 year cease fire commemoration was our inspiration.

Torch light Tuesday: reading in the dark.

Our Class Charter

Our Class Charter 1

Deciding on rules together for our class charter.

n rich links


here are some links for use at home and in school which will help develop your learning and understanding of life a long time ago during the time of the Ancient Indus Valley Civilisation.

book 1