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Always remember the e-safety rule when using computers and tablets at home.

Rights Respecting Schools

Article 29

Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Friday 2nd December 2016

Dear parents/guardians,

This week has been design and technology week throughout the school, the children have worked in groups to create season calendars which will be sold at the Christmas Fair tonight.

They came up with super design ideas and worked really well in their groups.

Today we had a visitor in school from Chartwells, she came to talk to all of the children about healthy eating and food groups.

As you can see from the photographs below the children really enjoyed making smoothies using the smoothie bike, they chose the ingredients and most of them drank the smoothie.

I would like to thank everyone for sending prizes, bottles, jam jars and cards in to school over the past couple of weeks, the staff and PTA greatly appreciate all of your generous contributions.

Next week in year three we will be basing all of our literacy work on the John Lewis Christmas advert from 2015, The Man on the Moon, please try to find time to share this over the weekend. The advert is available on Youtube and The Literacy Shed.

We have no new spellings this week as we will have a big spell next week covering spellings from this half term.



Mrs Moore

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Spellings 23.11.16












Please note that next Wednesday is the last of our swimming lessons. The children have all done really well with their swimming, they have also been commended by the coach company and the leisure centre staff on their manners and behaviour.



J Moore

Friday 11th November 2016

We have had a very busy week this week, following the success of our trip on Tuesday the children have continued to work hard on their science projects. They all made packaging/vessels for their hard boiled eggs to enter the Egg Drop Challenge.

As promised on Tuesday I have added photo's of the trip and  science week to the web page.

The children will be tested on the spellings we sent home last week next Wednesday. We only have three more swimming sessions and I have been very impressed with the children's attitude and manners every week. We have some great swimmers in year three.


Mrs Moore

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Egg Drop Challenge

Tuesday 8th November

I just wanted to let you all know that the children behaved impeccably today, both the coach driver and the museum staff commented on their manners, interest and behaviour.

As a teacher this makes me feel very proud, we all had a wonderful day out and I'm sure your children will tell you all about it. I will put photos on to the class page on Friday.


Mrs J Moore

Friday 4th November 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to welcome the children back after half term, I hope everyone had a great break. The children have come back to school with an excellent attitude this week, they have worked really hard in all of their lessons. We are continuing with the Egyptian topic and I would like to thank all of you for helping your child with their project, if you have the chance pop into school and take a look at the display we have made.

Next week it is Science Week in school, the children in year three will be taking part in an egg drop challenge. The children will be designing their own vessel to hold their egg, as well as parachutes etc. Please look on You tube at egg drop challenges for ideas. We are really looking forward to seeing the designs. We have asked all of the children to bring a hard boiled egg into school on Monday ready for the challenge. School will provide all other materials, but if your child wishes to bring something in from home for their design they can.

Next Tuesday we will be going on our class trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, please ensure that your child is wearing their school uniform, has a coat and a named packed lunch. 

On Thursday it is mad scientist day and the children can come to school dressed as a mad scientist. As you can see we have a very busy week planned and I am sure the children will learn many new skills.

We will be going swimming as normal on Wednesday, we won't however be doing mental maths or spellings next week, the spellings I have sent home are therefore for week commencing 14th November.


Spellings for w/c 14.11.16

turned            happily

much             angrily

never             gently

often              simply

only               humbly 

Ancient Egyptian homework display

Ancient Egyptian homework display 1

21 October 2016

Dear parents and guardians,

The year 3 children have had a great first half term in key stage 2.

This week has been D & T week and the children have designed and made pencil cases, with the sewing element being the focus, they all tried really hard and for some this was quite a tricky skill to grasp. Well done to all of the children.

I have not sent new spellings home today as the children will be doing a big spell during the first week, they need to revisit this half terms spellings ready for the test.

Next half term we will continue with the Ancient Egyptian topic, a reminder that the trip to the museum takes place on 8th November, the children will need to wear their uniform and bring a packed lunch with them. We are all looking forward to the trip very much and it promises to be a fun learning experience. If you have not yet sent trip money into school could you please send it on the first day back.

I hope all of the children have a great half term break, as you are aware the children do not return to school until Tuesday 1st November.



J Moore

14th October 2016

This week the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in maths, they have learned properties, names, how to draw 2D shapes and how to make the nets of 3D shapes. They have

use the Polydron construction to create 3D shapes and to help them to understand what the net of a shape means.

We are continuing with the Egyptian topic and the children are very much looking forward to our museum trip. We will be learning all about mummification after half term.

Thank you if you have sent trip money back already.

The children have had lots of assessments this week, they have worked very hard. I know that assessment can be difficult for some children but they have coped really well.

This weeks spellings are:

set 49                    plus the following:

baby                      division

any                        invasion

better                    confusion

also                       decision

small                     collision



Next week is D & T week, the children will be making pencil cases. We will concentrate on the sewing element as well as the design and decoration. If you have any spare material or trimmings at home we would really appreciate it if you could send it into school on Monday.

Thank you

Mrs Moore

Rights Respecting Schools

Article 28

You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.

7th October 2016

Dear parents/guardians,

As part of our history topic on the Ancient Egyptians I would like the children to make paper mache canopic jars. To do this we need pringle tubes, I have collected 15 already but need another 15. If you have any at home or if you are going to buy pringles could you please send the empty ones into school. Ideally I would like to make the canpic jars during the last week of this half term but if we don't have enough tubes we will do them after half term.

Please see details in the link below.


Also we have decided to ask the children to complete an art project at home during the last two weeks of this half term and over the holiday. The children have designed Egyptian death masks and we would like them to complete the making of these at home, they can if they wish make any 3D model relating to Ancient Egypt instead.

We will use these models to form a display in and around our classroom as I am sure they will be fantastic.



This weeks spellings are:

vein                               stopped

weigh                            jumped

eight                             brought

neighbour                     used

freight                           told


This week has been citizenship week in school, the children watched an anti bullying performance on Thursday which was very informative.

Today we have had visits from Sally Churchill who talked to the children about the role of a police officer, they were able to try on parts of her uniform and handle some of her equipment. They asked lots of interesting questions and behaved impeccably throughout.

We have also had a visit from the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue services, they talked to the children about their job within the community and also answered lots of the children's questions.

The children have had a lesson on E-safety this week and they were able to share their knowledge and learn even more about using the internet safely. They have produced E-safety posters which will be displayed around the classroom and in our shared area.


I have sent a paper copy of the trip letter home today, along with spellings for next week, literacy homework - using different types of conjunctions, mental maths and parents evening letters.

Please try to continue learning times tables and reading with your children as this is really important.


Thank you for all the amazing history homework that has been completed by the children, they are continuing to enjoy the topic and have been using their homework to inform their literacy this week.


Mrs Moore

Year 3 class trip November 2016

Friday 30th September 2016

Dear parents/guardians,

We have had an extremely busy week in year 3 again, the children have continued to learn column methods for addition and subtraction, I have sent a maths worksheet home today to help the children with this method. Please encourage your child to do their homework, house points are given for completed work.

We are continuing with our Egyptian history topic and details of an exciting trip will be coming out to you very soon.

In preparation for next weeks history and literacy lessons I would like the children to do some research over the weekend about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb. The children can present their research in any way they like from a list to a poster. I would really like this to be back in school on Monday so that we can use them all week. House points will again be given to the children who complete this work.



set 47 plus ous words











Thank you for helping your children with their spellings, times tables, mental maths and other homework.


J Moore



Welcome to year 3, this is what our curriculum will look like this term.

Dear parents/carers,

In year 3 we are continuing the summer reading challenge by asking the children to read as many of the class reading challenge clock books as they can by Christmas.

The children have helped to choose the books on the clock, we have included a variety of story types which should appeal to all of the children.

Please take a look at the clock photo so that you are aware of the books your children might want to read.

Thank you

Mrs Moore

Year three reading challenge clock

Year three reading challenge clock 1


The Worst Witch

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

The Twits

Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy

I am so over being a Loser


Fantastic Mr Fox

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Toy Inventor

Billy Kid

The Magic Finger



16th September 2016

We have had another super week in year 3. The children have been learning about Ancient Egypt in history, place value in maths and slow writing in literacy.

Next week we will continue with Ancient Egypt in both history and art. The children will be on set 45 in their spelling books as well as the following words with a suffix of ation:







Please take a look at the reading challenge clock books on the photo above, house points will be given to children as they complete the books.



Mrs Moore

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6



23 September 2016

Set 46 from the spelling booklet plus:







Could you also help your child to learn the 2, 3, 5, and 10 times tables. If they already know these then they can move on to 4 and 6.

I have added a few times tables games on to our class page too.


We have had another full on week this week with the start of the swimming lessons, the children had a great time and were wonderful ambassadors for the school yet again.