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Year 3


Staying safe online - 

Remember to follow our e-safety rules we have been learning in class when using computers and tablets.

Christmas Homework -


In geography we have been looking at human and physical features, and the impact they have on each other. More recently we have been following the news of the floods in Cumbria, but my questions is -


Why do some places flood more than others?

Why is Cumbria flooded, but Staffordshire isn't?


So, can you find the answer?

You can display your findings in whichever way you'd prefer- hand written, drawings, typed etc.


I can't wait to share our ideas.


Thank you!


Christmas has arrived in Year 3/4

Christmas has arrived in Year 3/4 1
Christmas has arrived in Year 3/4 2
Christmas has arrived in Year 3/4 3

Fractions using skittles



Wednesday 18th November

This weeks maths homework - practise telling the time!

Try out these games - 




If you're ready for a challenge, try this one - 



Everyone enjoyed a morning with the Kinetic Science Theatre!

Year 3 tasted lots of exciting and unusual foods from North Africa as part of cultural week!

Year 3 and 4 Moroccan and Egyptian dances as part of cultural week!

Thank you for sharing our learning play and lunch today, families.

A very energetic welcome back year 3...



Keep practising those tricky timetables!

These games are really cool - 








As part of cultural week everybody is focussing on a country in Africa. Of course in year 3 we are going to learn even more about Egypt. Cultural week is going to be filled with some exciting workshops and creative projects and I can't wait to get started!!


So, homework for Monday 9th November is to learn everything there is to know about Egypt, don't forget this is about the geography of the country, not necessarily the history. 


You may find these websites helpful - 







Look out for the photographs!!




Year 3 Creative Ancient Egypt Project –


It’s time to show me your creative side – please create an Egyptian masterpiece. It may be a beautiful drawing or painting, a construction or model, a poem or short story or even a collage. It could be based on anything about Ancient Egypt: the pyramids, the Gods, a sarcophagus, Tutankhamen or any other great ideas you have.
Please bring them back 2nd November!


I can’t wait to see them!


Miss F

A great P.E session lead by Stafford College!

Our beautiful Egyptian pyramids painting!



There are some great maths games on -




Perfect for practising all areas of maths  :)

Our first Stafford College PE

Please take a look at what we will be covering in all areas over the next term!

Hello families,


Welcome back to school after such a lovely, long summer break. I hope you all had a fun filled summer and are excited and ready for the year ahead.

Ancient Egypt will be the focus of our history and some literacy sessions; both the children and I are eager to begin our creative learning journey about this time period. Our geography focus is the United Kingdom; as part of our topic we will study human and physical features of cities and towns across the U.K.  In science we will be planning and carrying out lots of interesting experiments about solids, liquids and gases and exploring how things change state.


This year we are extremely lucky to have Mrs Smith teaching both music and R.E. Miss Harrison will also be teaching P.E to year 3 on a Friday morning as well as a select group of Stafford College students who will lead P.E sessions on some Monday mornings. Miss Wheat will also be sharing her area of expertise by teaching year 3 modern foreign languages, where she will begin with French.

Please could all children ensure they have their reading folder in school every day. If their book needs changing they need to place their bag in the relevant area – diaries will not be checked every day, similarly if there is a message in their diaries they must make an adult aware.


All children are welcome to have a water bottle in the classroom, which can be re-filled at any time from a water cooler in the shared area.

New spelling words are given to the children weekly and they are tested each Friday morning. Spelling books will be sent home so the children can share their practice and test results with you - please could you ensure they are back in school by Friday. Mental math’s tests also occur every Friday and the completed test along with the questions will be sent home.

Look out for weekly homework on the class page or school newsletter beginning next week. Weekly homework will include spellings, a review of the mental math’s test, math’s homework as well as any occasional topic related homework.


Golden time is on a Friday afternoon, as usual, for those who have earned it. Staff will provide a variety of activities and entertainment. Children do NOT need to bring toys from home.


If you have any questions, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me; my email address is hfletcher@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk

King regards

Miss Fletcher