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Year 2 Autumn term 2014

Dear Parents and Guardian,

I hope you have all had a very healthy and happy summer, where the time has gone I don't  know ! I'm incredibly excited about the year to come and looking forward to the experiences and learning we are all going to share.

Through this term the children are going to be centring their learning  around the themes of , Autumn. Within this our history will explore events that have taken place during this season and we will be investigating how and why they are celebrated today . Literacy will be taught not only through work related to our topic but also though our exploration of novels and the  work of Roald Dahl as well as C.S Lewis' , 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.  During science  lessons the children will be investigating materials including  : properties, changing state and fitness for purpose.  While within  geography learning we will be concentrating upon the countries and capitals of the U.K.

P.E will take place in the hall and when  possible outside therefore, please ensure your child has warm kit available as our weather turns inclement. I will not ,  however,  be taking the children out if the weather is unsuitable. Upon the approach Christmas  we will be getting ready for our production, which is always very exciting ...more information will follow!

As always if you have any quires or need to speak to me then  please don't hesitate to do so.

Thank you for your support .

Claire Jones