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Some of the Year 5 boys and girls participated in a Kwik Cricket tournament last week, although we didn't get through to the semi finals we had a super day and the children played fantastically. I would like to thank all the parents and family members that supported the transport to and from this event, as we wouldn't of been able to attend it without you!

Many Thanks

Miss Harrison

On behalf of the Year 5 team, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the families and friends that joined us on our open afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing activities and highlights from the trip with you. It was great to see so many of you getting involved in the physical activities along with the hilarious acting session!


Thanks again


Miss Harrison


Today we have participated in Aero Ball - where Miss Harrison got the champion title (don't know whether her height had anything to do with it). Then we have survived in the woods, with house wars and filtering water. We also got to make fire, which was very dangerous!! 

This afternoon, was the best yet! We created our rafts and then put them to the test. This ended with lots of wet and cold children - as you can imagine. 

All is well here. 

Night night - hopefully 

Miss Harrison, Miss Langdell and Mrs White 




Kayaking - incredible experience for all!

Kayaking - incredible experience for all! 1

Day 2

The children and staff had a fabulous day climbing, abseiling and adventuring on the assault course.


The afternoons Kayaking was incredible with EVERYONE getting very wet.surprise (not Sebby, Mrs F)

After a hearty meal in the evening many were ready for bed by the campfire as everyone was worn out after a fantastic day.no

Night 2

Quiet descended at about 10 until teachers were the alarm at 8am! What was that about!!!crying


Great big breakfast again before more activities.

Miss Fletcher arrived to take over the relay from Mrs Moore and raft building this afternoon!

Mrs W


First Night

All was quiet and restful by 10.30 and we were really pleased. smiley

First morning

Nothing was quiet or restful at about 5 am ...wink

Miss Harrison and Miss Langdell were in shock due the early the time and Mrs Wynne had  no coffeesad

Needless to say we were first in for breakfast!

Everyone ate LOADs (with hot dish plus an endless supply of toast and cereal we were nearly last to leave the food hall too!)


Dry bags ready and off to the first activity. All very excited and ready to go ...!


Mrs W xx

I'm updating from school, Mrs Moore has taken over the relay for me. Wifi is only available in 2 places around the site so staff will update when they can. Be patient with them.



Quiz Night

Quiz Night 1
Quiz Night 2
Quiz Night 3

Hello families, we have arrived! Firstly, we took the 'biggest' cases ever into our homes for the week and unpacked. We have thoroughly enjoyed our first dinner and lots of sweets have been purchased from the tuck shop. Currently, we are taking part in a quiz, where the pressure is on with the teachers watching. We can assure you that all the children are ok and that they are still very excited. 

We will update you tomorrow when we can connect to a wifi spot.

Miss Harrison, Miss Langdell and Mrs Wynne 

Which material is best for mopping up spills?

Super Dance Lesson

Super Dance Lesson  1
Super Dance Lesson  2
Super Dance Lesson  3
Super Dance Lesson  4
Super Dance Lesson  5
Super Dance Lesson  6
Super Dance Lesson  7
Super Dance Lesson  8
Super Dance Lesson  9

Fantastic Science Homework - Properties and Changes of Materials

Summer Hexagons

Welcome back to the final term of the year, I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

This term is very exciting as our new topic is World War 1. This topic will enhance our writing opportunities, engaging the children across the curriculum. In Maths we are going to re visit our objectives to consolidate and secure our learning within this subject area. In science our new topic is properties and changes of materials, which lends itself to lots of investigations and experiments. In P.E. we will cover a variety of sports, including Athletics in the run up to sports day. Thank you to those who have sent in shin pads for your child, they have enjoyed playing with full size Hockey sticks.

Homework will stay the same, with a weekly Mental Maths, spelling and Maths book activity. Then over night homework and foundation subject homework will be sent as and when.

Please check the newsletter to keep updated with dates and notices regarding our residential.

Thank you for your continued support

Miss Harrison