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Summer Term

Wednesday 6th July

We had a fantastic day at Churnet Valley Railway yesterday, the children enjoyed lots of different activities relating to railways and nature.

The railway staff commented on how well behaved and engaged the children were throughout the day and we were very proud of them, they were great ambassadors for Cooper Perry. Thank you for getting your children into school a little earlier than normal and for providing them with a packed lunch.

Today the children have been writing about their day out and sharing their experiences with other teachers in school.

We took lots of photos, below is a small selection.


Mrs Moore

Churnet Valley Railway trip July 2016

Friday 1st July

We have had a lovely week this week practising and taking part in our sports day. The children had a great time this morning, they really enjoyed the races and the picnic too. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it today it was great to see so many families.

We will be doing spellings on Monday as we ran out of time with sports day today. The children have been told about this. Please send your child's reading book into school as normal on Monday.

On Tuesday the children only need to bring their bags with lunch and waterproofs in, they do need to wear their uniform but they can wear trainers if they wish as we will be going off the train at some point and it may be wet.

I have sent a note home today asking for children to come into school a little earlier on Tuesday as we need to leave school as soon as the coach arrives.

Please take a look at the photos below of todays events.


Mrs Moore and Mrs McNally

Thursday 23rd June


Today the Queen visited our class, she came to open our airport. The children could not believe their eyes when they saw the Queen with her security team. She spoke to the children for a while about her job then she cut the ribbon to open the airport. We have had a wonderful morning writing and talking about the Queens visit.


The opening of our airport by the Queen

Week ending 17th June 2016

The children have worked exceptionally hard on their reading and maths end of year assessments. I am extremely proud of all of them, they have not been phased by the questioning and have all given 100% effort. Well done to the children.

This week we have not done the spelling tests due to the assessments but we will be doing them on Monday morning.

We are having a grand opening of the new airport in our classroom next week and the children have been very busy making posters today.

Photos will be on very soon.

I have kept the children's PE kits in school so that we can practise for our sports day, so far rain has interrupted all attempts to go out. I will send the PE kits home next Friday. Could you please make sure that your child has a full kit including pumps or trainers in school each Monday until we break up for the summer.

Thank you

Mrs J Moore

Week ending 10th June 2016

The children have returned from their half term break with a very positive attitude towards their learning and school.

This week we have started to learn about transport as this is our topic this half term. We learned about different kinds of transport on land, water and in the air. We will continue to look at these over the next six weeks.

We have also talked about our forthcoming trip to Churnet Valley Railway, the children are excited about the trip and I am sure they will learn many new facts on the day. Thank you for sending the reply slips and payments into school so quickly, I am pleased that all of the children are able to attend.

This week the children wrote postcards to Mrs Wynne telling her about their adventures during the half term break, she enjoyed reading them and loved the pictures they drew.

I will continue to put information about our topic onto this page each week so that you can talk to the children about their learning.

Next week is assessment week so the children will be focussing on their maths and literacy skills. Could I remind parents to read and learn the spelling with their children as this is helping them with their writing.

Sports day will be held on the morning of the 1st July, all parents and other relatives are welcome to come along. We will finalise the time and other details by the end of next week and put the details on the newsletter.


Thank you for your support

Mrs J Moore

A few photos showing our learning from this week.

Medium term planning Summer 2

Welcome back to all the children, we hope you all had an enjoyable Easter holiday.

We would like to tell you about our new topic for this half term. The children are going to be learning about books and authors. Each week we will be looking at different kinds of books or book authors.

Listed below are the topics we will be learning about:

Week 1 - Traditional tales

Week 2 - Julia Donaldson

Week 3 - Rhyming books

Week 4 - Magic Key stories (Oxford reading tree)

Week 5 - Our favourite books

Week 6 - Jill Murphy

Week 7 - Poems

If your child would like to bring in one of their books from home this is fine as long as it matches the weeks topic.


We will continue to hear the children read and join in with guided reading sessions as before. We will also continue with the weekly spellings on a Friday. Please remember to send your child's spelling booklet into school each Friday.

Children will need to continue to come into school in their sports kit on a Wednesday/.

Even though it is the summer term it is still a little chilly, the children will be going outside throughout the day and will need to have a coat in school at all times.

Please also ensure that your child has a drinks bottle in school every day as we no longer have spare cups in class, this is due to a strict hygiene rule.


The children will be taking part in our annual Maypole dancing event on Friday 6th May, this will be held during the afternoon, all of the children will take part and hopefully the sun will be out by then.


Please keep checking our class page as we will be adding information and photos throughout the half term.


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Moore and Mrs McNally


This week the children have been learning about sharing (division) in maths. They all had fun sharing objects into equal groups and they are now able to explain how to share. Please test them at home.

Next week (25.4.16) we will be learning about money and the value of the different coins.

In literacy the children will be looking at lots of different rhyming stories and beginning to write some of their own.

If your child wishes to do some home work relating to either of the above please let them bring it in to share with the class.

Week commencing 2nd May 2016

This week the children have been learning about Jill Murphy books, they have enjoyed watching her stories about the large family and listening to her other stories. Next week we will be learning about the Magic Key stories. This is a swap over from my original list.

In maths this week the children have been revisiting addition and subtraction as well as number formation and ordering numbers.

Next week we will begin to look at time, thinking about days of the week, months of the year and times during the day and night, we will move on to hourly time when the children are confident with this.

The children are all working hard on their phonics, reading and writing and they have written some super stories this week. Next week we will continue to work on our writing skills.

Could I remind all parents that the children need to practise their reading at home as often as possible, this helps the children to become more confident and fluent readers.

As the weather seems to have picked up a little could I ask parents to apply sun cream before school as we are unable to do so at school, there are lots of 8 hour protection sun creams available.

Thank you for attending the maypole dancing this afternoon, the children were amazing and I am very proud of them all for taking part and for sitting so well for a very long time.


Mrs Moore


This week the children have worked really hard on their writing, reading and maths. They have  been writing adventure stories in the style of the Magic Key books we've read this week.

In maths they have been learning about time, we have looked at the times of the day relating to getting up, having lunch etc, as well as times of the year, seasons, days and months.

Lots of the children have been reading more often at home and we would like to thank the parents and grandparents for this and for writing in the children's diary's.

Next week we will be moving on to hourly and half hourly time in maths so any practise at home would be great.

In literacy the children will be using their story maps (homework in their reading bags) to help them to write their favourite stories.

Keep up the reading and phonics work at home as it is really having an impact on the children's writing.

The disco went well and I think  all of the Reception class children had a great time.




This week the children have started to learn how to tell the time, they have made clocks and taken part in time activities. All of the children have learned about the hourly time and some have moved on to half hourly time. We will be continuing with this in maths next week.

In literacy the children have been using their story map home work to write about their favourite books. Thank you to all the parents who helped their children with the homework, there were some lovely detailed maps.

Next week we will be learning about poems and writing some of our own.

Could I remind everyone to help their children with their reading, phonics or spellings. I have put the spellings into the children`s reading diaries and this is where they will be from now on.

Spellings are tested every Friday.

We have spoken to the children about their independence today and I have told them that they need to leave their grown ups at the gate now and wait on the playground until the bell goes at 8.50 am. Please help your child to become more independent in preparation for year one. They are perfectly safe on the playground as long as they are not dropped off before 8.40 am.



Mrs Moore



Well where did this half term go? It's been a very busy seven weeks and the children have coped really well with the changes to their routine. Your children may have told you that they have to work all the time now and don't have much time to play, we have adopted a more formal teaching day in preparation for year one. The children are still learning through play but mostly in the afternoons. This will continue throughout the next half term also.

Next half term the class topic will be transport and holidays, this links to our class trip on 5th July to Churnet Valley Railway. Details of the trip can be found on the letter in your child's school bag.

During the holidays please try to keep up with the reading and spellings, also there are some phonic games and maths games on this page, just follow the links.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the children and the parents for all their hard work and commitment during the year so far. I hope you all have a lovely week off and that the sun stays shining for us.


Mrs Moore

A few pictures from this half term

Summer 1 Medium Term Planning

Summer 2 medium term planning

This half term we are introducing cursive handwriting to the children, it is quite tricky so I have added some useful website links below.