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What a fantastic year Reception have had and a great start to Cooper Perry life!

We are so proud of each and everyone of them, they have made amazing progress!


Thank you for all your support this year.

Your cards, presents and kind words have been very much appreciated.


Miss Harper and Mrs James :)

7/7/17 - Sports Morning and Teddy Bears Picnic


The children all had a lovely morning followed by a Teddy Bears picnic with their family. We had a very quiet afternoon which ended with a delicious cupcake off Elana's Grandma.


Thank you so much to all who attended


Please see photos below



Today Reception went to ‘The Enchanted Forest’. We all had a brilliant day, children and staff. This morning Rowan, our leader, read us a story about a dragon called Naughty Noris. Naughty Noris stole our lunches, we had to go on a hunt around the forest to find him! On the way we made some Boggats. Boggats are funny looking creatures which protect the fairies and the elves in the woods. We then had to use sticks, leaves and stones to make the fairies and elves new houses because they had all been broken and knocked down, when they were finished we sprinkled fairy dust on the houses so the fairies and elves knew it was safe to come back. Rowan then thought that if we find bugs and creepy crawlies for Naughty Noris to eat he might give us our lunch back, we loved digging in the mud for minibeasts! Naughty Noris didn’t appear but Rowan remembered she had some bread back in the classroom for us to share. When we got back to the classroom guess who was lying on our lunch………Naughty Noris!!! We could then eat our own lunch picnic style in the classroom. After lunch we went for a little play on the play park! This was great fun!! This afternoon we ate marshmallows and sang a song about stinky soup. We then made our own stinky soup using mud, sticks, leaves and lots of herbs! They really did pong! We finished our day by playing the drums and singing Mr Clicketty Cane! What a busy day, that busy that the coach was very quiet on the way back as lots of children had fallen asleep.

We loved being outside all day and didn’t want to come home!

Miss Harper, Mrs James, Mrs Sandland, Mrs Davies, Mrs Squires and Mrs McNally are so proud of how all the children behaved, listened, followed instructions and got involved. Well Done!! J


Photos below

Our Topic this half term is ‘Beside the Seaside’.


Over half term the children were asked to make a lighthouse.

They are amazing, thank you for all your hard work!


Please see photos below from the last few weeks.

We had the pleasure of Aunty Karen (Ruby’s Aunty) come into reception to talk about her job as a paramedic. She showed us lots of the equipment she uses to help look after people when they are ill.

We asked her lots of questions about her job –

  • Do you work at night? “No I work 8 till for 3 days a week”.

  • Who answers 999 calls? “The Ambulance Service have a control room where lots of people sit with head pieces on that answers the calls. They then tell us over the radio where we need to go”.

  • What do you do if no one is ill or calls 999? “We drive around in the ambulance so we are ready for when someone does call 999”.

  • Do you do surgery? “No I don’t but doctors in the air ambulance can if they need to before they take people to hospital”.

  • When do you eat? “We get a lunch time just like you do”.

  • Do you drive the ambulance? “Yes I do, everyone that works on an ambulance has to be able to drive the ambulance”.

We have started our topic ‘People who help us’ with two very exciting visitors!


Lauren Allpress came in on Monday 24th April and talked to the class about her job as a veterinary nurse. She talked about all the jobs which she has to do and the types of animals she looks after. Lauren showed us how to put bandages on animals; we then practiced this in the role play area.


On Tuesday 2nd May Hannah came in and talked to the class about her job as a farm vet. She told us all the different animals she helps look after. Hannah has a very busy job because she has to travel to the different farms everyday. She also talked about what food and drink different animals produce.


Please see the photos below!