And the winners are ...

1. Iris' team - 66 points

2. Harry's team - 60 points

2. Taylor's team - 60 points

3. Emilia' steam - 52 points

4. Erin's team - 50 points

4. Darcy's team -50 points

4. Edward's team - 50 points

5. Esme's team - 49 points

6. Lucas' team - 49 points

6. Alfie's team - 48 points

7. George's team - 47 points

7. Jack's team - 47 points

What a wonderful assembly year 5 - you did me proud!

WW1 Homework


I would like you to create a WW1 project. This could be a poster, a model, a PowerPoint or any other ideas - the more creative, the better. Pleased be prepared to share on Monday.

As part of science week, we worked collaboratively with year 2 to investigate the diet of WW1 soldier. after researching using the ipads, we made a soldier's poo.

Science Homework


As part of Science Week, each class are focussing on a Scientist. Year 5 are going to be researching Marie Curie and writing a biography about her life. For your homework, I would like you to research her life. You may wish to research using the following headings -

Date of Birth

Place of Birth




Personal Life


Other Facts

Please only record your information in note form.


The zone of relevance - examining vocabulary to describe Hagrid and Harry Potter

Some of the wonderful Harry Potter projects - thank you


Hello families,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break and have been enjoying the start of the sunshine. I am absolutely delighted to be returning to school, and I look forward to working with you once again for the coming term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and well wishes during my period of absence - it was very much appreciated.

The year 5 team (both staff and children) are extremely excited to return to school and begin our journey on our new topic. Next week we will begin reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This will become the focus for our guided reading sessions, our inspiration for writing and other areas of the curriculum. Thank you to those children that took the time to create a Harry Potter themed project over Easter - our topic corner looks wonderful!

In addition to this, we will begin to explore World War 1 in history. As the term progresses, WW1 will also become a cross curricular focus and the children will explore through writing, reading and art. As part of our science topic, we will be exploring Living Things; this will include investigations and studies about humans, animals and plants.

This term we will be having a huge focus on reading in year 5. The children have been set a Quidditch themed reading challenge where they have to aim to reach set targets. The children’s targets are based on their current word count and will build upon their existing record. As they achieve their word count targets, the children will move their name in the Quidditch hoops and receive a prize. I would very much appreciate your support and encouragement of reading at home.

As always, if you have any concerns, queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Harriett Fletcher