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Spring Term

Year 2 and 3 work together to weave Macbeth inspired tartan

Year 3 make a start on Macbeth by investigating a crime scene - who killed King Duncan?

Sculpture making in year 3

Science Carousel - exploring, sorting and investigating rocks!

Years 3 and 5 had a very exciting visitor this week! Mrs Holbeck came in to tell us all about her time in Guatemala. After planning and filming a video to send to an orphanage is Guatemala, we received one back...

The beginning of our new class guided reading project

WOW!!! The Stone Age projects are amazing - thank you!!

Using a rotary cutter and cutting mat to begin our mechanism projects

Day one of the Stone Age experience - sampling their cuisine

Exploring Stone Age artefacts

Preparing a three course Stone Age menu...

Problem solving is such a huge part of maths and mathematical understanding. If you want some extra practise give these a go...

This poem will be the inspiration for our Stone Age literacy over the next few weeks - 

Journey through the Stone Age


Imagine going back in time,

then back a little more,

when people gathered forest fruits

and hunters caught wild boar.


You’re entering the Stone Age now

but which part will it be?

How about the Palaeolithic,

when mammoths roamed quite free?


This time is marked by artistry

and paintings deep in caves

of sorcerers and animals

to make the hunters brave.


Perhaps you stalk through woodland,

hunting in the Mesolithic?

Bow and arrow in your hand

You’re feeling quite terrific.


You learn your skills from elders

who teach you to catch deer.

Then back to camp for feasting

full bellies, raise a cheer.


Now people’s lives start changing,

new ideas come into play,

of farming, crops and pottery

leading life a different way.


The Neolithic farmers

work so hard to tend their land

they’re looking to the solstice

when a rest will be at hand.


Now our Stone Age journeys finishing

there’s no need for feeling glum

prehistory doesn’t finish there

The Bronze age is still to come!



In science we are exploring light and how it travels! The children had to find a way to reflect light around an obstruction.

WOW! We have finished our geography inspired art work! We used satellite maps to create a birds eye view of the River Avon or the River Thames. We then collaged the sections of land surrounding the rivers, added watercolour to the river and finally sculpted paper and other materials to add on top to make our art 3D!

Some exciting ideas for learning timetables...

Sharing our wonderful flood projects ...

In geography we are learning about rivers, so as part of our art project we explored satellite pictures of rivers in the Uk to inspire our collage work...

Hello families


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Thank you very much for all your Christmas wishes, gifts and cards.

We have a very exciting term ahead of us; our history topic is the Stone Age and Iron Age and this will be used to inspire our writing, art and design and technology. In geography we will be learning about rivers and the water cycle. Science will be full of exciting experiments and investigations about light and shadow and then rocks and soils. PE will be outside when possible, therefore could you please ensure the children have both indoor and outdoor kit in school at all times.

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me on hfletcher@cooperperry.staffs.sch.uk


Thank you for your ongoing support


Miss Flectcher